Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Boys' Swim Team Learn about CFNM Swimming

The athletic lads of the St. Dunstans' swim team are off to France! An opportunity to compete with their European counterparts and experience French culture first hand. The young men are bursting with excitement to find out if all the stories they've heard about exotic French women are true. But this is going to be one school trip where the boys learn about the French school's practice of CFNM swimming. The swim classes are coed but while the girls are allowed bathing suits, the boys must swim completely naked!


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Classic CFNM Swim Scene

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Repost: Female Recounts her CFNM Swimming Experience

Ever since I can remember my brothers and father swam nude in our pool. Only my mother and I wore swim suits. She would spend hours at a time teaching us technical swimming techniques and driving us to swimming perfection. She and I would be in our swim suits and my brothers naked. When I was young I didn't think anything about their nudity and didn't pay any attention to them. As I entered my teenage years, I began to look at them in ways different than before. For example I found it curious that my father was uncircumcised and my brothers circumcised. Also, my father was very large. My feelings were not one of incest, but rather visual curiosity and admiration of their nude male physiques.

I asked my mother one day why boys swam nude and girls didn't. She said when she was a girl that all boys, including my father, were required to swim nude during high school swimming classes and at YMCA's. She said that was the custom everywhere and everyone understood that was the established practice. She then told me something that really surprised me. My mother told me while finishing college she worked as a swimming instructor and coach at a Boy's Club for three years from 1961-1964. There she taught boys up to 17 years of age, with the majority in the 10-15 age range. As was the custom of the time, the boys swam nude. My mother said her swim teams would compete with other area Boy's Clubs. She said the meets were conducted with the competition in the nude. My mother said she was the only female in presence, except occasionally when the other swim team's coach was a female. She said her teams always won,never losing a meet in the three years. I could tell she was proud of her accomplishments there. To me it sounded like something that would be exciting as I was becoming somewhat of a voyeur.

When I was around 13 or 14 my mother had a serious talk with me. I had taken to teasing my brothers about their nudity, making comments about the size of their cocks, and poking fun at them when they got hardons. One of my brothers, the youngest, had the biggest cock by far and I would ridicule his older brothers about them being smaller than their little brother. My mother said I should refrain from making crude sexual comments or saying things to deliberately embarrass them. She said I should never make a comment about the size of a penis as that was a very sensitive subject with boys. She said it was perfectly normal for girls my age to be curious about male bodies and want to see what they have hanging between their legs. She said finding it enjoyable looking at naked males was human nature, for women and girls. She told me there was absolutely nothing wrong with me looking at my brothers and father when they are nude, that looking had nothing to do with sexual involvement. She said it best I say nothing about it and just do it if I wanted.

Vintage CFNM Swimming Paintings

Boys Swim Nude but Not Girls

St Dunstans schoolboys ordered to swim naked as punishment with schoolgirls. Soon the schoolboys begin to understand how natural it is for them to swim nude while the girls wear their smart swimsuits.